Local History - the story behind Northwest Community Friends Church

The Friends Church in Tucson began meeting in members' homes in the early 1940's. The congregation began by collecting the residents of Tucson who had been involved in a Friends Church or Meeting at some other time in their life. Ultimately the outreach efforts included many who had not formerly had a Friends background.

The Tucson congregation tried affiliation with various other Friends groups within the United States and ultimately found itself spiritually at home with Evangelical Friends Church Southwest.

By 1985 the congregation felt the need to move to another part of Tucson. For two years they met in a funeral home in northwest Tucson. By 1987 they had purchased the property where they now have the church at 5950 N. La Cañada Drive. Starting first by moving a building to the property they have made various improvements until they achieved the excellent facility they now enjoy. The building accommodates the informal style of worship usually attributed to Friends very well.

The church has had a long history of being especially supportive of families. Children and the elderly are both highly valued. The church has clearly defined the faith within the context of Evangelical Christian thought. The emphasis that our faith has very practical application to our daily life guides all our efforts.